Consolidate Debt

One way that homeowners can consolidate debt is by using the equity that they have in their homes. In most cases, credit cards and other high-interest debts can be combined into one low, monthly payment. With home loan interest rates at historic lows, homeowners are saving even more money each month. To see if this is the right loan for you, contact a Mortgage Specialist today for a free evaluation. Get approved and take control today.

  • Mortgage rates are at some of the lowest levels in decades.
  • Consolidate your debt payments and make one, easy payment each month instead.
  • The interest from your home loan is tax-deductable.*
  • Paying down credit card debt may help increase your credit rating.

For more information on consolidating debt by refinancing your home, contact a Mortgage Specialist today for a free quote! We can help you review your situation and determine the best option for your future.

* Consult a tax advisor for details