Our Loan Process

Paramount Equity Mortgage®'s home loan process makes getting a home loan, fast, easy and simple

Evaluation and Application

Our process begins with an expert assessment of your current situation. Once some basic information is collected, we complete an application and begin collecting documents.

Loan Analysis/Pre-Approval

When we’ve completed and confirmed the information on your application, the Mortgage Specialist will contact you and discuss the best loan alternatives for your situation.

Loan Documents/Rate Lock

Once you decide on the loan program that best fits your needs, we will send a loan application and a disclosure packet for you to review and sign. Also during this time, we will begin to collect the required loan documentation for your property, income, assets, etc. In the mean time, we are locking in your rate.

Property Appraisal/Loan Processing

We will contact an appraiser to inspect your home. Next, we will move your loan to our in-house processing and underwriting team. They will review and verify your application and information for approval.

Final Approval

Your loan documents are now finalized with the note, deed of trust and supporting disclosures. We will schedule your loan closing and you can either sign your documents at our office or in the comfort of your home with a mobile notary.


Once your loan has closed, you can move into your new home or, if you are refinancing, any money you’ll receive will be provided by check or directly wired to your bank account.

Paramount Equity Mortgage® – We make saving money simple!